🚀SoloFounders 2021/5/25

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This week the group gave feedback on Olekoo. We recommended that the founder focus on things that don’t scale. Our group is rooted in the indiehackers, as such we believe in doing as much as possible on your own to keep the most equity. He should get the revenue and not worry about finding a technical cofounder. Once you are overloaded with paying customers you can raise money more easily and tell an engineer exactly what needs to be built.


  1. Olekoo - marketplace for influencers to whitelabel their own products

  2. INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love - book that is being read by many product mangers

  3. Revolve sec filings - Revolve is one of the largest influencer brands on instagram. Publicly traded.

  4. Littlive: Come with me to see Vincent Van Gogh - Demonstrated how to make an event on Littlive

  5. <your ad here 🥳>

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