🚀SoloFounders 2021/4/27

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This meeting we discussed idea validation but for a b2b product. Rick did the right thing by quickly making a landingpage and spending ~$150 on google ads to drive traffic to it. No one filled out the interest form. However, many in the zoom call thought because the offering is more b2b enterprise sales, Rick should try having 5 phone calls with people in the industry. These phone calls may lead to actual sales or improvements on the landing page copy.

We also discussed how distribution is very very hard


  1. phone2email - Ray’s company to minimize phone calls to your business

  2. fleetoptimize - Ricks landingpage for testing a new idea.

  3. umso - landingpage creator a bit better than carrrd or wix websites

  4. Tassei - Charolette’s website for accountability groups

  5. LittLive featured a new nyc techno group

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