SoloFounders 2020/8/4

Depending on your company and budget, digital ads could be a great tool to grow your startup. There are many places you can buy digital ads on, google, reddit, traffic junky, facebook, carbon, newsletters, etc. You can place ads on websites and phone apps, even inside things like facebook messenger.

Generally digital ad campaigns have a lower bound. For example on facebook I can’t seem to set a budget lower than $5 per day. So that means you have to spend at least $150 per month. Unless you want to get into starting and stopping your campaigns.

If anyone wants to speak to us about digital ads please reach out.


  1. Spencer is reading The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. One point it makes is attacking things that scare you. Attack your limiting beliefs head on.

  2. Book recommendation Get Together by Bailey Richardson et. al. Talks about how to build a community like a meetup.

  3. Attendee Om shared his app SaveAway An app in closed beta for setting savings habits.

  4. Growth hackers forum - good resource for case studies on how tech companies hack growth.

  5. Facbook ads have ab testing built in. This way you can figure out empirically what creative is better.

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