SoloFounders 2020/07/07

How do you market a saas?

Believe it or not, your marketing strategy will be determined by your business model. What does this mean? Not all marketing costs the same. If you are in a high margin business you can pay sales staff and account managers to do cold outreach and sell your service. If you are in a lower margin or very high volume business you need to use other marketing like SEO and word of mouth. Paid ads only work if you have properly calculated your customer Life Time Value (LTV) and subtract you Customer Acquisition Cost.


  1. Timothy has an e-card business

  2. Events aggregator (New York City based but events are all over the world)

  3. The e-card business reminded me a lot about a recent podcast about “Place card me”

  4. Cheapest marketing channel right now is tictok

  5. content marketing primer

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