SoloFounders 2020/07/07

Write the first sentence so they read the rest of the paragraph.

One of our member is looking into developing a meetup and getting sponsorship for that. I tried doing the same a while back for KaggleNYC . My advice is that seeking sponsorships, even when the community is valuable to a corporation, takes a lot of effort. Maybe I lacked passion and talent for asking for sponsorships, but it never really panned out for me.


  1. The Litt podcast released episode 2 . It covers pivoting irl events to virtual and building community in nyc.

  2. Black hat seo forum

  3. Some members began reading the Lean Startup. And applying it carefully to their own companies.

  4. For tips on getting corporate sponsorships checkout The Sponsorship Collective.

  5. Join the newsletter at appmeetups for Mobile app related meetups.

  6. cashvertising - good book for developing ad copying

Next Meetup

Reminder that we have moved our meetup to once every 2 weeks. Check out the zoom link for registration and dates.