SoloFounders 2020/06/16

We're going every 2 weeks

Sometimes you hit a slump. A few of this week’s attendees shared a similar experience, lost motivation. Some may avoid a dificult programming problem by sleeping. Others may be struggling to invoice for the work they have performed (fear of rocking the boat).

The important thing is to remember that you go at the pace that is right for you. There is no fast or slow, only the pace you want to work at.


  1. Having a bad week and getting back on the horse.

  2. Getting advice from mentors.

  3. How to grow a web development agency.

  4. Finding virtual assistants for $4/hour in the Philippines.


  1. - friend that runs a marketing agency

  2. Make your app prototype event - Event organized by one of our members, to help raise awareness of how to make a native app


We will be hosting our virtual meetup every other week due to organizer commitments. Look out for an upcoming zoom invite for July 7th, 2020.

If you have any feedback or requests from this meetup you can reply directly to this mail. ✅