Meetup 2020/5/19

Staying at the gym because of yourself

Thoughts on how to market an mvp. Many of our members wonder how to market their new projects. Does your marketing strategy change in the 1-10 person range? how about 10-1000, and what about for 1000+ ?

The group’s consensus is that you should probably use free techniques in the sub <1000 user stage. At this stage you are still identifying what your core champions are and how to refine the messaging to convert them.

Presumably post 1000+ users you may have figured out the messaging formula. You might then start pumping ad dollars on google and facebook. You should calculate your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV) and shift focus to roi performance marketing.


  1. Intro new folks

  2. Answer, How do you start marketing an mvp?

  3. Discussion

  4. What do you want help with?

What was discussed

  • Using reddit for finding new product ideas

  • How to monetize popular web tools

  • How to deal with google changing their algorithm and how it ranks your website

  • Choosing the type of customer (and business) you want. The less you charge the more customers you have and the more customer support you need to have. Charging more tends to simplify operations.


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